Seamless & Non-Binding Sock Technology

Bumps, seams, ouchies, burglers, or nuggies. By whatever name they’re called, seams and lumps and bumps can be a nuisance. SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Products have taken the woes out of clothes and help to keep the morning routine in check. In 2003, SmartKnitKIDS, a brand of Knit-Rite, Inc., started receiving requests from parents for a completely seamless sock. It seemed that all the seamless socks available had a flat or handlinked seam across the toes. To a sensitive child, this was still a bother; there was still a toe seam. With over 90 years of medical textile expertise, Knit-Rite used parent feedback to create a patented 100% seamless sock with added comfort features for sensitive feet.

Children are not the only ones with sensitive feet and toes. Often sensitive kiddos turn into sensitive adults. SmartKnitKIDS expanded their line to include seamless socks for adults, appropriately named SmartKnit Big KIDS Socks. In 2010, SmartKnitKIDS launched patent pending Seamless Undies. The first of its kind, their seamless undies are seam free, elastic free, and gently hug little bottoms! The evolution continued with the launch of the Seamless UnderTee in 2011. This form-fitting undershirt protects skin from annoying clothing seams and provides a soothing ‘hug’.

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Seams vs. Seamless

True SmartKnit pros know about the amazing differences between our seamless socks and other socks that claim to be seamless. As diabetic, arthritic, and seam-sensitive children and adults know, they are definitely not all alike.

There is more than one way to knit a sock! Truly. But, most don't claim to be seamless. Of the ones that do, some of them are just that – a claim. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what all these different “seamless” socks are all about.

Though handlinked and smooth seams are better than a traditional sock seam, these are not seamless – despite the claims to the contrary. As neither are truly seamless, they can still cause some discomfort and irritation, especially in diabetic, arthritic and seam-sensitive adults and children. Sometimes it is recommended to turn these socks inside out so that the seam is worn on the outside. This may work for some, but many of them find that the "ridge" from the seam is still irritating – regardless of how small or which side of the sock it is on.








To make a sock that is truly seamless you have to start at the toe. Then there is nothing to sew or fuse together. No seams! SmartKnitKIDS seamless socks are made using a patented knitting process that starts at the toe and spins upwards from there. It's just like a caterpillar knitting a cocoon. This completely eliminates irritating seams and makes them ideal for diabetic, arthritic, and sensitive feet. No seam means no irritation.

Truly SEAMLESS socks – they do exist! The difference between the seam types is clear when side by side.


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Meet Our Team

  • Quest Bugsley

    This guy is no longer on the hunt for seamless undergarments since he’s found SmartKnitKIDS! Quest Bugsley is traveling the world in search of new ways to keep the world seamless. From socks & beyond!
  • Cruisin' Bugsley

    Cruisin’ Bugsley is chillin’ like a villan! SmartKnitKIDS has made his life (especially mornings) much more seamless and stress-free. You too can cruise seam-free!


    Since going seam-free, Splish Splash Bugsley has more time for fun in the sun! He says his SmartKnitKIDS undies are swimmingly soft & comfy.

  • Bugsette

    Bugsette is living seamlessly & lovin’ it – especially her brand new SmartKnitKIDS Bralette. No more seams to bug her!

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