The Benefits of Tight Fitting Clothing for Children with SPD

There are a number of tools available to help navigate day to day activities for children diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). SPD can present itself with a variety of behaviors such as hypersensitivity to temperature, lights, sound, or smells. On the flip side, SPD can also be triggered via a general lack of stimulation.

Proprioception, or the sense of body awareness, is difficult for many children with sensory processing disorder. The perception of external space and bodily movement can be altered for those with SPD. This can mean that certain types of clothing present issues. It can also provide difficulty with coordination. For some cases, wearing tight fitting clothing can offer help with fluctuations in proprioception.

When seeking to find the perfect clothing for children with SPD, it can be difficult to find options for changing weather. Identifying garments that will provide warmth while avoiding triggers can be particularly difficult. Luckily, compression attire can offer assistance in avoiding some of the common triggers that certain pieces of clothing cause. Clothing that fits snuggly to the skin prevents chafing. Compression wear can provide comfort as a ‘second skin’ and prevent the triggers that loose fitting clothing can cause when brushing up against the skin. Wearing compression pieces underneath top layers can help those with SPD better manage their tolerance for external stimuli and reduce heightened awareness of textures.

Everyday details can be very important for children with SPD. If a tag is too itchy, finding clothes without tags can go a long way. Being aware of cues that indicate signs of uncomfortability can minimize sensory overload and reduce how overwhelming external stimuli is perceived to be. Keeping aware of  wardrobe, environment, and overall movement required for everyday activities can assist in recognizing which details cause discomfort. Wearing compression garments can be a proactive step in mitigating the details that cause symptoms of SPD to spike.

There are unique challenges for children with SPD in every new circumstance. While wearing tight fitting clothing is just one of the many ways that SPD can be treated, support from parents and loved ones provides comfort and encouragement. Through reducing troublesome external stimuli and keeping aware of environmental aspects that provide triggers, family and friends can contribute to the comfort and well being of loved ones with SPD.

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