How Sensory Friendly Clothes Keep Kids Focused

Being a kid with sensory processing issues, everything that doesn't bother other kids about their clothing is a constant source of irritation. Tags and seams, uncomfortable materials, fasteners and other parts of clothes can be a problem. This can be an issue throughout the day and cause difficulty for kids to focus when they’re constantly fidgeting with their clothes.

But now there is a solution for kids who have sensory processing problems. The solution is sensory-friendly clothes that help your child stay focused while in school. Sensory friendly clothes are a breakthrough because they come with no tags, no seams, and are made from ultra-soft material to keep your child's mind off of what they are wearing and on what they are learning.

Some other features of sensory-friendly clothes are compression clothes. When clothes can hang loosely, the material can scratch against the skin of your child, making them irritable. Children with sensory issues are especially sensitive to this. While it may be something that a parent might not think twice about, this can become a huge issue. The kid-friendly sensory option is to have clothes that fit snugly. There are even pressure vests that can be put over the top of a school uniform to keep the clothes from rubbing and scratching.

Other sensory-friendly clothing that you might want to include in your child's wardrobe could include gloves or mittens for kids who crave pressure on their hands. And for every parent who has struggled to align their child's socks "just right" for what seems like hours on end, there are now seamless socks which don't bunch up and can be worn all day long with or without shoes. The seams in normal socks only make the socks wear out faster without providing any added benefits. Having a sock woven in one piece from top to bottom will not only make the socks last longer, they will help your child feel comfortable and at peace throughout a long school day.

Pockets and hats are other must-haves for the child with sensory processing issues. Make sure your child has plenty of space in their pockets to store their belongings. And when it comes to headgear, make sure you select a hat that is made of a soft material like fleece. These should also be made with no seams. Additionally, you may want to try out a weighted hat, for those kids who like to have pressure in their clothing. Weighted hats are also known for having the extra padding helps keep your child's head warm and comfortable during outdoor activities.

Above all, it is important for parents to learn more about how they can help their child adjust to the stresses of sensory issues. They don't have to go it alone and neither do you. Whatever makes it easier for them to focus on their studies will raise their grades and their self-esteem. It will also greatly increase your peace of mind and decrease your stress by freeing up time that was spent worrying about what to wear and how to wear it. With sensory-friendly clothing, these problems are solved for you. The solutions are built right into the fabric itself so the fabric of your life won't unravel.

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