Cool Toys & Gear for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), usually affecting children, is a condition that makes a person either over- or under-responsive to certain stimuli. The brain has difficulty responding to signals that are sent through the senses. Common issues that come along with Sensory Processing Disorder are hypersensitivity to certain touch or sounds. 

Sensory Processing Disorder can affect just one sense, or it may have an impact on multiple senses. The symptoms exist on a spectrum, so while one child may scream and run when he is touched, another may just squirm and become agitated. Under-sensitive children may be unresponsive to any stimuli around them, for example, they may have no response to pain or extreme cold.

Many children who have Sensory Processing Disorder begin as excessively fussy babies, becoming anxious as they age. While many children do not handle change well, therapists believe that a child may have Sensory Processing Disorder if symptoms or reactions to change or stimuli are severe to the point that their normal functioning is disrupted. Here are some cool toys and gear for children with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Transformer Sensory Sack

This sack helps to calm the mind and body with deep pressure and resistance. Children who become anxious can climb in this sack and stretch out or move around as they please while experience calming sensory integration therapy. This is a great, portable item to have on hand that can be taken out and used immediately. It can be used as a resistance bag, or for pretend play.

Busy Fingers Gel Fidget

This engaging toy is mesmerizing, which will keep a child with Sensory Processing Disorder busy and distracted. Children love to play with their hands and this smushy toy has the added benefit of increasing concentration, focus, and fine motor skills. This small toy is easy to carry around anywhere, so it makes for a great handy tool.

Seamless Clothing

Children with sensory challenges often find tags, elastic bands, and certain fabrics to be unbearable. For example, the tag on the back of a tee-shirt or even the seam down the side may be enough to distract and irritate a child all day. Seamless clothing products take the woes out of aggravating clothing and are very helpful in this case. Seamless clothing can also be found in form fitting styles that help alleviate stress.


The Bilibo engages a child's physical abilities, curiosity, and imagination. There are many ways a child can play with this toy to develop their strengths. It can be used as a rock for balance, a stepping stone for strength, and a rocking bowl for coordination. Bilibo gives children with Sensory Processing Disorder multiple options for stimulating physical play, while also engaging them in constant movement.

Exchanging distracting toys and gear with items that are comforting and engaging to a child who has Sensory Processing Disorder will reduce the stress that comes with the coping difficulties that come with SPD. Many children who have sensory disorders are dismissed and are left untreated, which can persist into adulthood and damage their abilities to function normally in society. With these tools at your disposal, it will go a long way to helping your child develop the skills and healthy habits they need.

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