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Since 1923 Knit_rite has been developing and distributing products that deliver healthy benefits for a better quality of life. SmartKnitKIDS launched in 2003 after several request from desperate parents for seamless socks. SmartKnitKIDS socks are truly unique and comfortable, made from core spun and lycra yarns the socks fit feet snugly eliminating bunching , our little ones will get more wear from each pair of seamless sucks thanks to the “no heel” design. The socks are anti microbial inhibiting fungal odor causing bacteria. These socks are great it your little one has sensory processing disorder, or if they are sensitive to the seams in socks.

My little one does have sensitive feet, every morning I would put on her socks and with in a hour or two she would be walking around with only one sock on, I would wrestle the sock out of my puppy’s mouth and put it back on her, we do this dance all day everyday. I wasn’t aware of seamless socks until receiving a pair for this review, the day SmartKnitKIDS socks came in the mail I decided to keep on her “regular” socks until she took them off and when she did I put on the pair of seamless socks, she kept them on all day, there was no seams to annoy her, the socks hugged her little feet so snugly that she forgot they were on and her feet stayed dry thanks to the high tech fibers. SmartKnitKIDS comes in all the fun colors like pink, purple, blue and white and are available in ankle, crew and knew high styles sizes from babies to youth size 8, visit for more information. Thank you for giving me the chance to spread the word on this great product.

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