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Sometimes things bug me.

I am pretty sure that I’m not alone in this!

It bugs me when someone answers their cell phone while they are checking out at the cash register.

It bugs me when my pant leg gets caught on my shoe and is up higher than the other pant leg.

It bugs me when my socks are not on right and I can feel the toe seam where I have no toes.

So when I was offered the opportunity to review some socks that address that buggy issue, I jumped at it. 

Like a bug. *smirk*

SmartKnitKIDS have patented seamless socks that are perfect for children or adults who experience difficulty with sensory issues.  They have no seams to “bug” your toes, they hug the foot so that they don’t bunch up, have a hidden heel, a non-binding top, and wick away moisture, too.  What more could you possibly want for a sock?

Whether you or one of your family members deal with sensory issues or simply don’t like the average sock, SmartKnitKIDS and SmartKnitBIGKIDS (adult sizes) may be a perfect fit for you.

The kids each got two pairs to try and I also got a pair to test out.  We liked them and were impressed that they indeed held up to their claims.  While it’s hard for kids to explain what they think, I have to speak up and say that they give the comfort and protection of socks without feeling like socks.  Honestly, when wearing them I actually don’t feel like I am wearing socks!

Now, are you wanting to check out these cool socks yourself?  Then head right on over to right now!  You can also follow them on Twitter for the latest and greatest!

Thanks to SmartKnitKIDS for the socks to review.  Our feet our comfy, cozy, and “bug” free!

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