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I am a sock-obsessed person. I have an entire drawer full of socks for myself. I am not as bad with the kids but I still look at socks all the time. One things that drives me crazy are socks that fit funny or scrunch up at the toes. I hate when I can feel the seams when I am walking. Sadly, I have passed the same thing on to Johnny. He has told me on more than one occasion that he can feel "something" on his foot and it is always the seam.

So, when I found out about SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks, I was so interested! Socks without seams? Is that possible???

YES! It is very possible. Not only do the SmartKnitKIDS socks have no seams, but they also have no heel making for a longer-lasting fit and an easier time for kiddos to put on the socks by themselves. Johnny is at a very independent stage so him being able to put socks on by himself is a huge accomplishment!

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We were sent two pairs of pink socks and two pair of black socks to review. Johnny (he is SO my kid, ha!) was so excited to try his new socks when they came. I washed them and we started to wear them the next day. Johnny said they are soft and feel good when he wore them. He was able to pull them on by himself. They didn't slip down all day and didn't cause any marks on his legs where they had been. This is due to the Non-binding Halo Top™ that SmartKnitKIDS socks have. The socks don't slip down and bunch up in the shoes. They truly do "hug" the little feet. They are so great!

What do I like? I do not ever have to put these socks back on Joley when she wears them. All other socks fall off of her feet but these stay put and I love it! I also like that they are not only comfortable and cute for my kiddos, but they are also made to prevent stinky feet! (Johnny does get some stinky feet. ewww) "High-tech fibers wick moisture away helping ensure a drier and more hygienic sock environment. Antimicrobial benefits help prevent 'stinky feet'." Plus, at only $6.95/ pair for little kids and $9.95/ pair for older kids, they are a bargain. If your kiddos hate to feel the seams, these socks will be a life-saver for your sanity. Trust me!

smart knit kids, seamless socks, kids socks,

What don't I like? Well, my kids don't wear shoes around the house and being that these socks are truly knit, they are slippery! There is no way to really change this without messing with the uniqueness of the sock so I am not complaining. It just took one slide in the kitchen for Johnny to learn he needs to slow down. We now wear slippers or shoes if we wear these socks. Also, they do have some pilling with washing but this is not a huge deal. They are socks so it really doesn't matter. I only mention it because I noticed it. If you don't like the pilling, I would suggest picking them off or buying a sweater shaver and taking them off that way. Seriously though, it doesn't bother me or my kids. They are hardly noticeable.

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