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I have two boys with Sensory Integration Disorder. Loud noises bother one and not the other. One likes to jump, ram, crash into things, the other doesn't like the feel of certain foods in his mouth. But one thing they both have in common is the socks. They bug the snot out of both of them. I don't think I have been able to keep socks on those two since they were babies. It's winter now and very cold here in NC. I want them to be warm and prevent illness. But what can I do short of duct taping there socks to their feet?

I found the answer when SmartKnitKids contacted me. I told my boys about these special socks before the mail came. So they knew they were coming. Advanced warning always helps my boys deal with the unknown. The day came when the socks arrived and both boys ripped open the packages just to "check them out".

There are no seams in these socks to bug them. Nor are there heels so there's no right or wrong way to put them on. They put these socks on "just for a minute" (they made sure that I knew they would appease me for a second or two). But lo and behold 5 hours later they still had the socks on. My youngest  they were his favorite socks and my oldest commented "I can't slip and slide in them mom, these are safe socks". 

So now I just need fill up their sock drawers with these and I'll be one happy mommy! These socks are affordable and come in several colors and they also come in a big kid size that fits even adults! I think I might get me some too!

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