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I love socks!

That being said, my daughter hates them!

SmartKnit Kids sent us some of their seamless socks for kids to try out.

These socks are sized differently than most companies. Because of the way they are designed with no seams (read NO HEEL sewn in), they will grow with your child and hopefully get more wear than a traditional "heeled" sock (read SAVE $$).

I actually tried out one of the Knee High Length pairs that was sent in an XXL for kids. I have tiny feet (I buy anywhere between a size 3 1/2 in girls shoes to a 6 in ladies depending on the make). Traditional socks are often a problem for me because children's socks in a size 6-8 are too small and ladies socks in size 9-11 are almost always too big. The SmartKnit Kids socks fit me perfect ☺ No more embarrassing sock heel halfway up my calf!

I also find myself pulling my socks up a lot. Not with these. The elastic at the top, while not constricting, performed well, and they never fell or "slouched" on me.

The socks are comfortable, soft and don't bunch up when you put your shoes on either.

I tried to get Amber to wear them and tell me what she thought. She put one on for a whole 15 seconds and said "they're too tight" and pulled it off. Let me clarify when she said "too tight" she didn't meant the top elastic she meant the whole sock. Here's the rest of our conversation:

Me: They're supposed to be like that, they're like gloves...for your feet.

Amber: I like my socks big.

Me: So they fall off?

Amber: So they're comfy.

Me: *Shakes Head* Comfy? You say you don't even like socks.

Amber: No. I. Don't.

Ah well apparently I still have some work to do with her......

SmartKnit Kid socks are made from a super stretchy fiber so the socks are form fitting, snug and comfortable (So There Amber, take that!)

What I really like about these is that with no heel, kids can never put their socks on "upside down" (I make no guarantees about inside out though).

Overall, I think these socks are great

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