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Socks can be a tricky thing when it comes to kiddos feet. They slouch down, the seams go underneath the toes, they're too thick or too thin. Finding socks that are "just right" is many parents mission and even harder if you have a child with sensitivity issues. This was the dilemma one mom faced with her son. After searching high and low, she finally discovered the unique process created by Knit-Rite and soon after SmartKnit Kids was born. The socks are manufactured the same way a caterpillar builds a cocoon so from the toes to the ankle, they are completely seam free. Plus they are made without a heel so they grow and grow with your child's foot. We recently received several pairs of these cool socks for my daughter and her friend Amber to try.

After opening the packages, I could see how high quality these socks are. They had just the right amount of stretch and weight and stayed up with their non-binding top without any lumpy-bumpies. My daughter put hers on and wore them to sleep in that night, in the morning she had none of those cutoff marks on her ankles other socks can leave. Now, my three year old is a kid who would wear leather pants in July if I told her they were "princess pants". She's just really laid back and accommodating that way. So to really test these socks, I called on my friend's daughter. Clothing labels, socks, and certain types of fabrics really irritate her so I knew she'd be perfect to evaluate these socks. She put the SmartKnit Kids socks on and actually left them on! Even her mom was surprised. I asked her how they felt and she said "pretty good". Trust me from this kid, that is a ringing endorsement. SmartKnit kids socks are offered in 3 styles; ankle, crew, and knee high and can be purchased online for $6.95 a pair.
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