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I don't know about you, but I've been growing very tired of buying socks for Baby Bird only to watch her wear them once and outgrow them. Not only that, she is right between sizes now, so it's a guessing game as to what size to buy for her. One size is too small and the heel of her sock ends up in the middle of her foot. The other size is too big and she pulls them off in a matter of seconds. I have yet to see Baby Bird get a hole in any of her socks as she either outgrows them before she gets her full use out of them, or she loses one on a walk because she pulled it off and threw it out of the stroller and being the great Mama Bird that I am, I totally missed it!

There are a lot of great things about these Seamless Socks that I was sent. First up is that they are seamless. That's right, no seams around the toes or the heel. They are knit from the toe up to the top. This is great for me because it solves Baby Bird's sizing issues and they fit snug (which saves me from retracing my steps to find that one discarded sock). Baby Bird will be able to wear these for a long time since there is no heel, she will just continue to grow in them. I am also told that no seams are very good for kids with sensory issues.

Next up is the non-binding top. Baby Bird has chubby legs, and regular socks cut into her knees, calves and ankles. These socks don't have that tight elastic at the top that pinches and makes those red marks around her legs.

Okay, so here is where I need to make a confession. I tried on the largest size that was sent to us, and it fit me (just), so I have a little review of my own to share. What I liked most about these socks was the feel of them. The sock does fit so snug and the material in the sock is designed to take moisture away from the feet. Right now it has been rainy in my area. Great for my garden, not for my feet. I can't get my toes warm! The extra moisture in the air has been chilling me to the bone lately. When I tried on these socks, about a half an hour later my feet were warm and dry. These socks did what my super-duper thick fuzzy socks couldn't. I meant to try them on for a minute but ended up falling asleep with them on and they kept my feet at a comfortable temperature the whole time. I always have to wake up in the middle of the night to pull socks off, but these stayed on as they were so comfy.

One down side to these socks from my point of view is that I prefer Baby Bird's socks to have some type of grips on the bottom. The socks themselves are not slippery on our floors, but it is a great benefit to have.
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