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My oldest is so clumsy! I adore him, but he is constantly tripping and stubbing his toes. They are a mess and look painful. But if it’s not tripping in the house, he’s stubbing it on something in the patio or even the rough cement in the pool. So it’s gotten to the point that even in this warm weather I am always putting socks on his feet as cushioning.
So I was thrilled that he got to test out seamless sensitivity socks from SmartKnit Kids. They are so soft, form fitting and seamless. This is great for almost all kids since it has no seams to “bug ya” or bunch up and wrinkle in their shoes.

My oldest in his socks. And we had to get a pair on the little bro too!
I received large knee-highs and XL knee high socks to try with the boys. The boys wear a shoe size 8.5 and I found that the XLarge was a more comfortable fit for them. Definitely keep an eye on the sizing chart when ordering, because a sock size can differ in size, depending on the style chosen. For knee highs, an XLarge fits toddler shoe size 8 to 12. The large knee highs are better for a toddler shoe size 4 – 8. It can get a little confuddling, but just double check the charts! Very important!
Now, like I said, my oldest is always banging his feet making a mess of them when barefoot, so socks are a necessity. His feet are very sensitive from the bruising and bumping, so seamless socks are a huge help. That’s because they have innovative features that include:

  • No Seams
  • Form Fitting – so no wrinkles or bunching up
  • Non-binding top – won’t slip down
  • Antimicrobial – no odor-causing bacteria
  • Wicks moisture away

My son LOVES these socks for bedtime. They are soft and easy on his toes. And I’ve noticed an improvement since putting socks on his feet during the day with his sandals and at night during bedtime. If I was going to choose a sock for him to wear almost 24/7, I’d definitely stick with SmartKnitKids Seamless Sensitivity Socks.These fab socks are available in white, black, pink, purple and navy.
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