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The first time I saw some tweets circulating about "seamless socks," I was intrigued. Come summer, I'm a barefoot girl, but I want my feet cozily nestled in socks the rest of the year. My kids, on the other hand, are not the biggest socks fans. Half the time, they pull them off. The other half, they lose them somewhere. So, I wondered if seamless socks might make a difference.

SmartKnitKIDS, creator of these seamless socks, was kind enough to send some socks our way to see if they would appeal to my sock-resistant little ones. Ella received some purple socks (she loved the color) and Ezra tried some blue. I was immediately impressed by the lightweight, stretchy fabric and the nice slim fit. After trying them around the house and in shoes, the other SmartKnitKIDS features impressed me as well:

No Seams to Bug Ya! These socks are free of lumps, bumps, and seams to bug little feet. This also means they're easier to slip into shoes without having to cram thick seams into shoes. They're great for little ones (like Ella) learning to put socks and shoes on themselves.

Reduces annoying wrinkling and bunching in the shoe
The style of these socks mean kids don't have to deal with bunching and moving in their shoes (making them want to take their shoes off ASAP). They're not constantly slipping and moving around either.

Unique "No Heel" Design
The "no heel" design is great because it extends the life of the sock because they can go from crew to ankle. I would recommend going a size up for chubby feet (like Ezra's).

Comfortable Non-Binding Top
These socks are free of those annoying stretchy bands that can leave marks on little legs (and cause kids to pull them off as soon as they get the opportunity!)

Keeps Feet Dry & Healthy
While my kids aren't yet at the "smelly feet" stage, I love this feature.

The Big Question: Do SmartKnitKIDS keep my kids feet cozy, warm, and covered? You bet. While we still see bare toes around here, these socks are definitely preferred!


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