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Oh the dreaded son cannot get over the creepy feeling his socks give him. He complains about wearing them in the morning, and when I pick him up from school, whatta ya know - NO SOCKS. Where did they go? In his backpack. This has happened more times than I can count.

However, I don't blame him. I can't stand socks bunching up at the toe or the seam being off center even a little bit. It's annoying and obviously my son and I have something in common. My daughter on the other hand can wear her socks backwards and inside out and it won't bother her one bit.

Where can you find seamless socks for kids that feel and look great?!? Right here at SmartKnitKIDS! It's a miracle. My son loves his new socks and I'm going to have to stock up soon. They also offer SmartKnit socks for adults, too!

Even though my daughter isn't sensitive to the lumps and bumps found in other socks, she really loves the feel of her new socks from this company. She comments on how they don't stretch out and get "baggy" as she likes to call it. The lycra really does offer a comfortable snug fit.

Here is more about this excellent product from their website:

SmartKnitKIDS® patented seamless socks are perfect for children experiencing sensory processing dierences, hypersensitivity or who simply can’t stand annoying seams! These super soft socks for sensitive little feet will not wrinkle or bunch and are proven to reduce irritation.

The socks are made with lycra for a great form-fitting fit. They hug the foot nicely and really stay put on the foot. They wick away moisture and keep smelly feet in check.

As a mom, I absolutely love this product. They come in 5 different colors and 6 sizes. There are three styles offered - ankle, crew and knee-high. We received the ankle and crew styles and they're terrific.

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