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All three of my children have always hated seams and tags and anything uncomfortable in their clothes. When Aiden finds clothes that he feels comfortable in he will ask to wear those same clothes every day. That is pretty common in kids with Autism. But Owen and Olivia are just as sensitive when it comes to seams and tags. If Olivia feels uncomfortable in her socks she will yell "mommy it has a bump!" and rip the socks off.

When I was contacted by SmartKnitKIDS to try out their seamless socks I was more than happy to do so. Here is a bit about them from the email I received:

Our socks are 100% truly seamless; they have “No Seams to Bug Ya!”  A truly seam free socks is great for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, or for those who simply cannot stand annoying sock seams.  As well as being completely seamless, our socks are also form-fitting.  This ensures that there are no wrinkles or bunches.  A form-fitting design makes SmartKnitKIDS perfect for infant socks.  No matter how much your little one may wiggle, the socks don’t come off.  SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks do not have a heal so they can easily and confidently be slipped on.  The heal-less design also keeps your child from out growing their socks as fast. For more information about SmartKnitKIDS, please visit us online at

We were sent 4 pairs of seamless socks and all three of my kids LOVE them. I haven't heard a single complaint about these socks. Olivia is able to pull these socks on all by herself and they don't bunch down inside her boots. When I asked Aiden what he thought about the socks he told me that they were comfortable. When I asked Owen what he thought he just looked at me blankly... which is actually a good sign because it means he had forgotten all about the fact that he was wearing socks!

I am really impressed by the SmartKnitKIDS socks. If you have a child who struggles with sensory issues than I would definitely recommend these socks!!

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