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As some of you already know, DD has extremely sensitive skin. When she was about 1 year old, she developed crazy rashes that her pediatrician first thought was a simple case of eczema. After months of seeing a pediatric dermatologist along with an allergist and more than a dozen blood tests as well a minor surgery to remove some of her skin for additional testing later, we still could not figure what was causing her skin rashes. Fast forward to now, we continue to battle with her skin issues. While she is on medication that pretty much keeps it under control, we have to monitor her all year long. We have learned through experience that she will break out in rashes and scream out in pain if she gets too hot in the summer time. In the winter, when her skin gets too dried, she will also develop rashes & scream out in pain. Besides trying to control her rash outbreaks with medication, we are also very cautious with what lotion we put on her as well as the type of clothes she wears (because if the fabric is not soft enough, she will become very itchy and develop rashes). In any case, because I am always on the look out for products that will work with her skin issues, I was very happy to have received SmartKnit Kids socks for DD to try out.

DD was all smiles when she got to try her new socks.

Showing off her socks & declaring "I like my socks!"'

SmartKnit Kids socks are completely free of seams so I don't have to worry that DD will develop rashes because they are rubbing against her skin the wrong way. Also, the socks have non-binding Halo Tops (unlike the traditional socks which often have elastic bands at the tops of the sock that can often pinch, bind or be a source of irritation) so not only that the socks stay on her feet nicely, I also did not have to worry about her getting a rash either.

DD wore her SmartKnit Kids socks today and they really worked fantastically. They were so comfortable that she did not demand to take her socks taken off the moment we got home-- which happened daily when she wore regular socks. Because the socks are made with high-tech fibers that help ensure a drier and more hygienic sock environment, DD did not get "stinky feet" even after she wore her socks for more than 12 hours (and some of that time was spent running around at Disneyland). When I finally took her socks off for bath time, there was no rings left at her ankles -- you know, sometimes when you wear your socks for too long, you get rings on your legs or ankles from the elastic bands at the top of the socks.

In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, I also really love the fact that DD can put the socks on by herself. Now that she is 3 years old, she is beginning to show her independence by wanting to do everything by herself and not allowing me to help her at all. As much as I would love for her to be independent, this is also frustrating at times. Just the other morning, while I was running late getting her out of the house for preschool, she insisted on putting on her socks by herself. After 10 minutes of struggling and putting her socks on incorrectly (she had the heel part of her socks of on the top of her feet), I stepped in to help her and immediately there was some drama about not wanting me to help her. Because the “no heel” design on the socks, DD was able to put the socks on by herself easily and quickly this morning. Therefore, she thinks these socks are the best socks ever.

I am really impressed with SmartKnit Kids socks, I need to buy a few more pairs for DD!

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