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A month ago, I made a blog post about the demise of our morning routine as soon as my 5 year-old was ready to put her socks on. The tears would start and the groans of frustration could be heard down the hall.

I would go in her room to help, but she would refuse! "I can do it myself!" Her frustration was trying to get the seams to line up so they would feel comfortable on her feet and in her shoes.

Many kids have sensitivity issues to various clothing items, socks and tights…and I now have first-hand experience! After I posted my blog and it fed to twitter, in came a friendly email from a mom who owns SmartKnit KIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks.

I was skeptical at first, but I thought it was certainly worth a try. When the box arrived, I told my daughter these were special socks for her with no seams. The packaging is very catchy with a darling bug character on the front saying "No Seams to Bug Ya!" She was laughing before we put them on. The socks come in various sizes that offer "no heels" so you can buy a range of sizes for ankle, crew length or knee high…it's simple! Success! From the first day she tried them on, they are the only socks she has worn! For more visit Now, if only I could keep track of both of these socks…but that's another blog entry

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