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I don’t have sensory issues per say, but my mom does.

My younger daughter does

 I just hate socks!

That being said, I may have found some that I really like!

Smartknitkids makes a line of seamless socks for kids (and adults) that don’t bind or rub and are generally easy to wear for those with extreme sensitivity to clothing on their skin.

Jenn: I wore two pair of the kids socks, even though I’m not a kid anymore. (I can act like it with the best of them though) My shoe size is a 6.5 in sandals or flip flops and about a 7 in closed toe and heel shoes. I wore the kids XL.
   The first day I wore the black pair with my high heel boots. Let me explain why I did this….. Often, when I wear the heeled boots, the socks or hose will either slip down over my heal and bunch up, or will pull up on my toes and cause a lot of pain to my toe nails. (eww gross feet)  Anyway, neither of these things happened when I was wearing the smartknit kids socks and I was in them for at least 9 hours, if not 10 or 11.
  The second day, I wore the bright pink XL with my tennis shoes to work. I have the same problems sometimes as with the boots, where the socks will slip down over my heel and bunch up under my arch, but again, no slippage with these socks.
 I stand quite a bit, and walk back and forth a lot at work, on concrete floors. So, comfort and cusion is pretty important to me no matter what the shoe is. When I wear my athletic shoes though, I often sweat (here we go again with gross feet stuff), but my feet were fresh even after 9 hours later. No sweat, no rolling, no bunching, no binding.  

Company Information:
Knit-Rite was contacted to create a truly seamless sock for children with SPD in 2003.  Knit-Rite began to create a 100% seamless sock that is comfortable for children.  The result was SmartKnitKIDS.  The socks are knitted like a caterpillar spins its cocoon by starting at the toe and knitting up toward the ankle. This process does not leave a seam and provides a super comfortable socks for little feet.  Knit-Rite also tried to eliminate wrinkles and bunches in the socks to make them even more comfortable by choosing a super stretchy fiber so the socks are form fitting, snug and comfortable.  To make the socks even better for kids, Knit-Rite chose a no heal design which allows the sock to be put any which way. Now available in many colors and sizes for kids and adults. 
  “Our goal is to provide a product that helps children. We are proud to have created a product that makes mornings easier for children and parents.  We are trying to spread the word about these great sock so more children who hate seams, wrinkles, lumps and bumps can be helped and find a solution.  “  Rose Pener

Nove: Since She’s not speaking much today, I’ll share what I saw when she put these on. She wore the purple pair in a Medium and they matched her shirt almost exactly which I thought was funny and ironic.
Unlike many autistic kids, Nove doesn’t seem bothered by clothing in a lot of ways. She seems to almost not even be aware of what she is wearing, but I’ve seen her often remove socks because they slide around or slip over her heel (like her mama) because she has long, narrow feet.
   So, I was hopeful after having tried these that she would be successful too. She was!
 Not only was it a warm day (flip flop weather), but she changed clothes at least once after putting them on. I think the fact that these have light compression (general all over snugness) helps them to stay in place. Not once did I see her mess with them or attempt to remove them. Even when changing her pants, she left them on. Usually the socks come off with the pants, in her case.

Sherry: My mom has some pretty strong (severe) sensory issues. She can’t stand scents (like candles, perfume, cleaners) and her clothing must be of a certain type. So, she tried the adult size smartknitkids socks which were a little bit too wide for my short, narrow feet. (Hers are very wide and a little longer) I noticed today that she had them on again for a second day, so she must have found them to be fine.  
 When I asked her, she said they were……… fine. She is short on words some days, just like November. But, the fact that she had them on again and that they were not relegated to the kitchen table with the rest of the socks and information from the company, said a lot to me.
*update* Sherry added today that even after she washed them and wore them again, they hadn’t lost the elasticity and felt really good, but she might need the next larger pair because she tought they cramped her toes a little.

So, overall, I think these socks are winners! 
  By the way, they also make pantyhose. All these products are good for diabetics who need compression for circulation issues. Maybe that was why my feet didn’t hurt as early in the day? I don’t have diabetes, but I do have crappy circulation. 

A little more information: The kids style socks, are not molded into a shape with a heel. They are more like a tube sock, but without a toe seem. I was worried when I first put them on that the upper edge would be shorter in the back than in the front, but it came out even. Magic, I tell you! (probably has to do with the stretch going where it needs to and other scientific stuff)  
I was also concerned about the top edges of the socks. It isn’t stretchy like the rest of the sock body, but it did fine too. It did roll slightly. Just barely.
 Not anything that affected the sock staying up or in place. In fact, I don’t believe the sock moved unless I made it.
  The adult version was molded. It had a heel and clearly defined area for the foot which is probably why it felt a little too big on my little ol foot. But it wasn’t bad. Don’t take that impression from what I said, please! I could have worn the socks, but figured I’d pass them on to Sherry (my mama) so we could get even more feedback!

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