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I was approached by a representative from KnitRite recently, who asked if I'd like to try out their products. Of course, I willingly accepted, and eagerly awaited my samples. They sent me a few pairs of their SmartKnitKids Seamless Sensitivity Socks, claiming that the socks have proven to be beneficial to those in the special needs community.

The box arrived, and the test began...

I must say, I was immediately impressed with what I saw, before even trying them out.  The packaging is fun, bright, and eye-catching. I thought the slogan on the socks is clever and well thought out ("No seams to bugya"- with the friendly bug on the packaging). I also had great communication with the rep from KnitRite, so that created a wonderful impression for me as well.

Seamless Sensitivity Socks from SmartKnitKids

My 9 yr old non-verbal son with special needs & sensory issues (wears AFOs).
My 7 yr old daughter

I got my daughter to try the shorter socks, and my son to try the longer socks. Because my son can't speak to give me his opinion on the socks, I relied on my daughter's expert opinion on sock-wearing to give me her review. She really liked them, and found them to be comfortable. They really ARE seamless- I wish I had known about this product 2 years ago when my now 3 yr old would have complete meltdowns for an hour at a time over her sock seams.
The no-seams aspect is FANTASTIC for AFO wearers! Sometimes the seams in his other socks dig into my little guy's feet. These socks were so smooth and snug and easy to wear under AFOs.

I can see how the snugness on the socks would really appeal to kids like mine with sensory issues, or those with autism and other sensory disorders. (I want some for myself).  What I particularly like about the snug-ness is that the socks actually STAY UP under the AFOs.

Other perks: I'm forever losing socks. So, I really liked how the socks have the company name on them. It makes it so much easier to recognize them and match them up.

And, the company claims that due to the high-tech fibers, that the socks wick away moisture, and feet will not be stinky. Well, this is a huge issue for me, so I`ve done the smell test. Many, many times. Initially, when I take Cam's hot feet out of his AFOs and sneakers that he's had his feet in all day, they stink. Within a minute or two of airing out, the smell is gone. The other socks? Nope. So, if you have a foot odor issue, I'd definitely consider shopping with KnitRite.

It took me a moment to figure out the sizing chart and how it works (I think I'm just chart-challenged), but once I did, I understood it.
The only real con I can think of is that at full price, I likely wouldn't buy socks for my other 2 girls. I tend to lose socks, so I go as cheap as I can for them. But, for a specialty sock for my son, the price is reasonable, and I would definitely invest the money into buying socks for him- even the longer length ones for over his AFOs.

I definitely recommend checking out the SmartKnitKids Website.
You'll be glad you did!
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