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I had the chance to have my son test out some socks from SmartKnitKIDS. If you didn't know, my middle child, who's 12 is on the autism spectrum. One of the things that can go along with this disorder (and many other disabilities) is a sensory sensitivity. Things like tags or scratchy material can just literally torture him.

And then there are socks.


We've wrestled with socks for years. It's darn near impossible to find a brand of socks that are comfortable - not too tight, not too baggy, comfortable material - and the seams! Good gosh, the seams. They never lay right and they just bug him to no end. I know plenty of other kids that are bugged by the same issue - typical and disable kids alike!

When I saw the term "Seamless Sensitivity Socks", I knew I had to contact SmartKnitKIDS and see if we could test the socks out (and yes, I contacted them :O) It never hurts to ask!). They were nice enough to send 3 pairs of their socks to try out.

No seams!! Just none. No elastic at the top either. The socks were stretchy and not too tight, and even better, according to my son, they are good for sliding around on the floor with, lol! Mr. J. just loved them. Loved socks? That's darn near a miracle! And they didn't bunch up in his shoe during the day, which is the kiss of death for socks.

I was slightly concerned that when they got washed, they might fray or unravel. Nope, they came through with flying colors! That plus no sock fight in the morning before school is so nice!

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