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I have a pet peeve when it comes to socks. I hate seams! You know, those seams that run around where your toes go? If they are not on your feet "just right", or worst yet if they slid around when you are walking and there is nothing you can do about it. Ugh! I don't like that at all. It's uncomfortable. My kids complain about that too at times, especially my son.

I think when it comes to learning to dress yourself little kids often have a hard time with socks because of those seams. I can't tell you how many times my son had the seams under his toes or way above his toes, but never where they belonged. I think it's even harder for kids with poor fine motor skills too.

Some kids even have sensitivity issues. Yes, my son had those too. You had to see how he'd freak out over grass when he was younger. He still can't wear things with tags in them. It drives him nuts. As soon as we buy him a piece of clothing the tag is the first thing that goes. Some kids are bothered by those darn seams too.

SmartKnitKIDScame up with a perfect solution - NO SEAMS! That's right...seamless socks! I don't know how they do it, but their socks have no annoying seams by the toes or on the sides either. Kudos to them!

When I was approached to review the SmartKnitKids socks I jumped on the opportunity. Even now that my son is older he still fights with those seams at times, which delays him getting his shoes on before we have to leave for the bus stop. ANYTHING that could make my morning run a lot more smoothly was something I was very interested in.

The lovely people over at SmartKnitKIDS sent me socks for my kids, and myself (Yes! They offer adult sizes too!). They were also kind enough to send a couple of pair for my little neighbor, who is 3, and dressing herself.

My kids loved the socks. They were amazed at the fact there were no seams. They asked me how they did that and I said I had no clue. It was magic! LOL!

I had to laugh at the adult socks. When I opened the package they looked so tiny! I was thinking I opened the wrong box. No, they were the adult socks. They were so teeny tiny! That is until I put them on my feet and they stretched out and fit my foot just fine. Once you put them on they are on your feet they are a normal size. It's like how things grow when you add water. The SmartKnitKIDS "grow" when you add feet. Ha Ha.

They also don't have "heels" to worry about either. And even better yet they are Antimicrobial which means they help prevent “stinky feet”.

My kids said they liked how they felt and kept them on the rest of the day and even at night. They have since been washed and dried and they held up fine. They do get "tiny" again when they are washed and dried, but they stretch right now to fit your feet. In a way they remind me of stockings. Stockings are the same way. They look tiny but they stretch to fit you.

The SmartKnitKIDS socks are very lightweight. They are the great for the hot weather when you rather not wear a heavy sock. In the winter however you might want to wear a heavier sock on colder days. Or perhaps "double up".

As per my neighbor her daughter loved putting on the socks (they were "so pretty", in reference to the pink socks she received. She loves the color pink). My neighbor said she has worn them a few times now and has been able to put them on and off with no problem. There is the logo name printed on them, which my neighbor said would "rotate" (one would appear on the top of one sock and to the side or underneath on the other). That is fine since there are no seams. It doesn't matter how the sock goes on.

I'm giving SmartKnitKIDS a two thumbs up. The only "con" I can see is that they are thin and might not be good if you live where the winter can be bitterly cold.

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