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Some kids just don't like socks. They claim they hurt their feet. What's a parent to do? Enter Seamless Sensitivity Socks from SmartKnitKIDS. These socks are made much the way a caterpillar makes his cocoon. These sock makers start at the toes and work their way up, literally making a seamless sock. You can check the reviews, parents are raving, their kids are finally keeping their socks on!

seamless socks

When I was reading the reviews I was impressed by the reaction that parents of children with Autism had. I have friends with children on the Autism Spectrum and I hear of their daily struggles. So I found it interesting that parents who tried these seamless socks found that their children would actually wear these socks. These are children with sensory issues who formerly refused to wear socks at all. That's incredible!

My daughters have sure enjoyed the pairs they received thanks to SmartKnitKIDS. We've been able to try all sizes from ankle socks to knee highs. My daughter is sporting a pair of purple crew socks in the above picture, she loved them and actually did keep them on longer than most socks. Her usual complaint when taking off socks is sweaty feet not the seams, but I'm still happy she kept them on.

Seamless Sensitivity Socks come in several colors: white, black, purple, pink and navy. They're only $6.95 a pair. Sure, that's more than some socks. BUT these are socks your child will more than likely keep on. I'd pay to have socks that actually get used, wouldn't you?

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