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One of my biggest hassles when getting Oscar ready for school in the morning is getting him dressed. You wouldn't think that this would be such a horrible task - but let me tell you - it is. Oscar has always experienced huge sensory issues and is so sensitive to all of his clothes. If they feel "funny" in any way he refuses to wear them and throws a tantrum. Unfortunately I have no idea what "funny" feels like and how to avoid it. In fact, I think it changes all the time. He will only wear specific baggy T-shirts and athletic pants that simply must have no drawstring - only an elastic band will be tolerated. Luckily I found the cheapest athletic pants at JC Penney's that he prefers to all of the really expensive Adidas, Nike and Puma that I tried to buy for him that met his no drawstring requirement.

You would think that it ends there but no. Oscar is just as picky about his socks, actually probably more picky than any other item of clothing. Living in the Pacific Northwest, socks are not an option. Once Summer is over it is just too wet and rainy to wear sandals. If Oscar's socks do not feel just right inside of his shoes he will break down in tears and threaten not to go to school, etc... which always makes for a pleasant way to start the day, right? The seams on the toes always seemed to bunch in one way or another after he would get his shoes on. You don't even want to know the headache that I go through just to get his socks on his feet in exactly the right way. If he feels that seam at all - I am in for it. I do feel for him on this subject though because he does have extra wide feet and needs a thin, comfortable sock with no seams. So far, I have only found one brand that would satisfy his sock needs. It claims to be seamless, but isn't really, and only comes in white ankle style. So let me tell me you, I was absolutely THRILLED to find out about SmartKnitKIDS™. I was even more excited to learn that they would love to let Oscar review a few pairs!

SmartKnitKIDS™ socks
were created by a mom that was tired of hearing the same words that I dreaded every morning, "these sock seams keep bugging me," and thankfully she decided something needed to be done about it. After searching for a "seamless sock" she soon realized that they truly did not exist. I can relate to this so much because I too searched store after store, and until now I had never found a truly seamless sock. What makes SmartKnitKIDS™ socks so unique is that they are started at the toe and worked up toward the ankle. This process ensures a 100% seamless sock, so there are no seams to bug ya! The form-fitting design also ensures a snug fit to avoid the annoying lumps and bumps from occurring.

The SmartKnitKIDS™ patented seamless socks are perfect for children like Oscar who suffer from hypersensitivity issues with the seams on socks. They are designed to provide comfort and relief to children that experience the lumps and bumps in the socks after putting on their shoes. The socks also have a comfortable non-binding Halo Top™ that helps keep the sock from slipping but doesn't irritate or pinch like some of the elastic bands at the tops of socks can do. The SmartKnitKIDS™ socks are created with high tech fibers that help wick moisture away which help to keep feet drier and in a more hygenic sock environment. A fantastic plus is that they are anti-microbial and help to inhibit fungal odor causing bacteria. Which believe me, Oscar definitely needs!

When I told Oscar that I had some new socks for him to try he was ridiculously super excited. You wouldn't think that a 6 year old would get so happy over new socks but he knows the struggles that we go through each day and couldn't wait to try the socks on. The fact that were NOT white and of different lengths was also something that was special for him. Let me tell you, from the moment that I got them on his feet it was heaven. He loved them, I loved that he loved them, simply perfect. Then came the shoes. We got his shoes on with absolutely no problems and he loved that he didn't even have to worry about a seam because there simply weren't any! These socks are such a lifesaver for Oscar, and a sanity saver for me. The only problem that we encountered with the socks was that when he wore his rain boots to school by the time he came home the socks had slipped down to his foot and bunched up. We did not have this problem with the socks when he wore his tennis shoes at all so I was surprised to see that they fell in the rain boot.

However, rain boots are taller so they are rubbing up against the socks while he is walking around which is probably why they fell down. Oscar really didn't seem to mind and just fixed it when he got home. It had no effect on his choice to wear the socks again. I would probably go with the ankle socks next time he wears his rain boots though so that it won't be an issue for him again.

SmartKnitKIDS™ socks are available in colors for every personality: white, black, pink, purple, and navy. Ankle, crew and knee-high styles are available up to a youth size 8. Oscar tried out the socks in white, black and navy, and in crew and ankle styles. I would highly recommend to any parent that has a child who is struggling with hypersensitivity issues that they try out the SmartKnitKIDS™ socks. You will not be disappointed in the comfort as well as the peice of mind that they will bring to you and to your child. Their size and style chart makes it easy to pick the right size and style for your child.

Don't worry, if you are an adult that struggles with these same issues you can also purchase SmartKnit™ socks in men's and women's sizes too.

To learn more about SmartKnitKIDS™ please visit the SmartKnitKIDS™ site or blog. They have tons of great resources available for parents. Visit their site to read more parent reviews as well as share your own story for a chance to win their monthly contest. Also you can sign up for their newsletter to learn about the latest contests, specials and product news. SmartKnitKIDS™ can also be found on Twitter and on Facebook.

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