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Not this mom. The sock fights at our house always come at the worst possible moment, when we need to be out the door! While my son could care less if he is even wearing socks, for my 4 year old daughter who is starting to be very aware of fashion details, that silly little toe seam being just right is life and death.

Socks have their own rules which may be a little more of a struggle for kids. It's not always clear until you get them on, how they're supposed to go. It can be a frustrating endeavor for little ones just learning. Most kids have learned to dress by tags. Tags go in the back! It's a simple rule and an easy one to remember. With SmartKnitKids socks, the tag goes on the bottom. That's all there is. No heel or toe seam to fight with. And even if the tag doesn't go on the bottom.. it's OK!! They "are perfect for children experiencing sensory processing differences, hypersensitivity or who simply can’t stand annoying seams!"

SmartKnitKids socks are cute seamless and heelless sock that stretch-ily hug little toes and feet but also, believe it or not, help prevent stinky feet! That's not really something you think about when your buying socks but you're painfully aware of when it's too late and you are toes to nose with smelly little feet. SmartKnitKids high-tech fibers draw moisture away and help avoid mini odor eater moments!
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