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Why is it that kids are so sensitive to seams/tags and anything that itches the body? Ok, I’ll admit that, when I was a little girl, I honestly hated wearing dresses, not because I was a tomboy, but I hated the stiffness of new dresses. Even if it’s been washed, the stiff fabric somehow just irritated my skin! When my 4 year old son, told me how his socks were ‘hurting’ him, I really did not take any notice. But, it came to a point, where he started taking off his shoes, in the middle of a shopping mall, and scratching his foot, that I knew I had to find something. At first, I did the lazy-parenting way, and turned the socks inside out, which gave him immediate comfort.

But, when he had to take off his shoes, during gentle-play in pre-school, one of his lil friends noticed and started teasing him about it. Needless to say, I had to find a solution that would make him, not only look good, but feel good.

I was very lucky, that I was asked to review the SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks . When the package arrived, I immediately gave it to him to try. All I heard was… nothing. Absolutely nothing from him. Yup, no complaints, no whining and no itchiness.

That was pure bliss, to my ears. I am pretty sure there are plenty of parents out there, who have endured the endless whines from their lil darlings about how the seams eat/dig into their wee lil toes. To them, I’d say..the answer has arrived!

About SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks :
Tired of hearing her son scream “these sock seams keep bugging me,” a mom decided something needed to be done.  Every “seamless” sock her son tried had seams in it; there was not a truly seamless sock available.  After explaining the frustrating morning routine to countless friends of her son’s struggles with socks, she was finally given the name of Knit-Rite, a textile manufacturer, and contacted them with her request for a seamless kids sock.

After several requests for seamless socks from “desperate” parents, SmartKnitKIDS socks were created.  Knit the same way a caterpillar spins its cocoon, SmartKnitKIDS socks are started at the toe and worked up toward the ankle.  This process insures a 100% seamless sock, so there are no seams to bug ya!  A form-fitting design also keeps those annoying lumps and bumps out of the socks.

Since its launch in 2003, SmartKnitKIDS continues to find new markets and grow every year.  Super soft material and a seam free design make it the most comfortable kid’s sock on the market.

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