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Mr. A has some sensory issues when it comes to clothing. I always have to make sure that his tags are tucked in, collar lays completely flat away from his chin and the seam on his socks are adjusted perfectly on his toes. If you are a parent, you know that can be tough.

Putting on his socks is literally a 5 minute ordeal. He always starts crying that they hurt or are bunched up on his heal and usually ends with him ripping them off telling me he wants new socks. Then the process starts all over again!

When SmartKnit Kids contacted me to review their seamless sensitivity socks, I was thrilled! I have never heard of the company before and was excited to let Mr. A give them a try.

Both boys received two pairs of socks to try. When we received them I looked them over and I can say that there is absolutely NO seams at all. And they are oh so soft! I put them to the test right away. They put them on and wore them all day - running around the house and playing with their toys. Not once did Mr. A complain or try to pull them off and they never bunched up on their feet like most socks do after a long day of playing.

What I love about the socks is that there is no heal. Mr. A is learning how to put on his own socks but often gets frustrated because the heal ends up on the side of his foot and never lines up perfectly. With SmartKnit Kids, he can put them on by himself with confidence and boy does he get excited when this happens! Plus the no heal allows them to get more use out of the socks because they won't outgrow them as fast.

Another cool feature of the SmartKnit Kids, the material wicks moisture away to help keep feet dry and healthy, and it's antimicrobial to inhibit odor-causing bacteria. You know what this means? No more stinky feet!

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