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If my 5 year old had her way she'd go naked. Waistbands pinch, underwear rides up, sweaters are itchy and sock seams bulge, feeling like pebbles beneath her feet. Yes, there are children who are exceedingly sensitive and children's clothing is often not made with total comfort in mind. SmartKnitKids believes life's little irritations should not include socks with uncomfortable, lumpy bumpy seams.

Created with kids' sensitivities in mind Smartknit Kids seamless sensitivity socks are form-fitted to hug feet rather than bunching up and Smartknit Kids patented seam-free process produces a smoth, comfortable sock which my kids found super soft and cozy. Sometimes it's the simple ideas that make quality products and Smartkit Kids has found a simple solution to the simply annoying!

Once Smartknit feet are comfy, hygienic and happy feet. Smartknit Kids socks are antimicrobial and wick away moisture to provide your feet with a healthy podiatric environment and their "heelless" design allows a longer lasting fit for your ever-growing children.

Accepted by the Podiatric Medical Association SmartKnitKIDS socks promote foot health but Knit-Rite--the SmartKnit company--is also dedicated to fulfilling the needs of those overwhelmed by physical sensitivities meeting the special needs of those with autism and other disorders. Knit-Rite even donated 90 pairs of socks to an autistic man who had his disappear from his apartment laundry facility!

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