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I want to introduce you to a friend of ours!  We LOVE this little guy in our house.  Now, I don't generally like bugs, but Bugsley is cute and he is smart!  He knows that SmartKnitKIDS has “NO Seams to Bug Ya!”  Bugsley is a good bug, unlike the bugs in your kids' socks.  He protects little toes from icky seams.
Let's introduce you to SmartKnitKIDS socks k?  

SmartKnitKIDS is a brand of Knit-Rite, Inc.  Knit-Rite has been manufacturing medical textiles for over 85 years and is a third generation family owned business.  Their mission is to develop products for a better quality of life.

The Knit-Rite family is an amazing team and they are so humbled by the fact that what they do every day is helping someone. As a result of having the capabilities to innovate unique products, they often receive requests for hard to find products. A couple of years ago several moms contacted them searching for a truly seamless sock for their children. Knit-Rite began to understand that something as simple as a sock seam was a real issue for a child with sensory issues. Helping these children was a natural fit so they quickly developed a special sock for little feet.  The inspiration behind the seamless socks came from Moms just like you.  
You can read the whole inside scoop HERE.

Since Knit-Rite is a medical textile company, they can use innovate fibers in their products.  The antimicrobial fiber in the SmartKnitKIDSsocks was taken from the line of seamless diabetic socks called SmartKnit.  They found that the fiber had multiple uses; it helps to keep diabetic feet healthy and it prevents stinky feet in the kids socks. SmartKnit differ in that they have a heel where SmartKnitKIDS do not.   

Knit-Rite has several consumer brands including SmartKnitKIDS, SmartKnit, Therafirm, Therafirmlight.  Therafirm and Therafirmlight are brands of compression hosiery.  They also manufacture medical textiles for the Prosthetic and Orthotic community.  For more information about Knit-Rite and their products, you can visit them at 

So what do I think?  WOW!  We love these socks!  I won a pair off their twitter "12 days of socks" giveaway they had.  I got a pair for my oldest daughter.  She has super stinky feet!  -wow, she would be super embarrassed if she know I put that on the internet for the whole world to read  LOL!  I thought we could give them a try and see if they really did help with the stink.  

When we got the first pair of socks she put them on and the said she liked how comfortable they were.  

The first really run of them was wearing them to school in her snow boots all day!   really-they leave a 7am and get home at 4pm!  

So, how did they hold up?  Amazingly!  Her feet didn't stink!  I am thinking I need these for my hubby too!  hehehe!

I knew I had a rave review of these socks so I contacted them to see about a giveaway.  They sent me another pair of socks to try  with one of my other kiddos.  These ones are black and they are for my son Jacob!  He loves them!  They are his new dress socks.  He loves that he can pull them up as high as he wants and I don't get after him for pulling the heel up higher than it should be.  Do you have kids that do that too?  I hate that! 

He also likes the no seam thing -no bumps to rub on his little toe and give him a blister.  

-they come in a fun little box with a Bugsley of your own!  :) 

-See, really NO SEAMS!  

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