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Sometimes it's hard to find socks for my girls that really fit. Especially for my little one who half the time doesn't want to keep socks on her feet at all. I was thrilled to find a company by the name of Smart Knit Kids. They are the makers of seamless socks and I think that is the best invention ever. Even me as an adult, hates seams in my toes. Rose over at Smart Knit Kids was so generous to send both of my girls two pairs each of these great socks. My oldest loves hers, she said they are the really comfy and they look to fit her feet really well. I put the socks on my little one and it didn't take her long to take one off, which in her world means she likes them! The material that they are made of is really soft and they are stretchy so you get just the right fit. I also love that Smart Knit Kids puts their logo on the bottom of each sock, so cute! I got my girls white socks, but the do come in different colors: black, pink, purple and navy and also come in array of sizes from 1 Toddler-8 Girls/Boys. They are not only completely seamless but they also have a no heel design so kids can put their socks on with confidence and not worry about outgrowing them so quickly, which ALWAYS seems to be a problem around my house. My girls feet seem to be the first thing that grows on them. These socks are such a great find and I just love them!

A couple of other great features about these Smart Knit Kids socks are that when you put them one, they hug your feet, so there's no wrinkle or bunches to hurt your child's feet when they put on their shoes. A no binding "Halo" top also prevents the socks from slipping down the leg. Regular sock usually have elastic bands on the top of each sock that binds or irritates kids' legs. Even better yet, Smart Knit Kids socks have high tech fibers that keep moisture away and ensure that feet stay drier and less stinky. I really recommend these socks to you to try out for your kids.

Smart Knits KIDS socks were developed by a mom who was tired of hearing her son scream "these sock seams keep bugging me!". Every seamless sock her son tried still had seams in them, there was not a truly seamless sock to be found, she knew she had to do something. After explaining the situation to several of her friends, she was given the name of Knit Rite which was a textile manufacturer and she called them with her request for a seamless sock.
After several requests from other parents for seamless socks: Smart Knits was born. Smart Knits are started at the toe and worked up toward the ankle, this process insures a 100% seamless sock.
Since it's launch in 2003, Smart Knits Kids continues to grow and find new markets. Super Soft material and seam free design make it the most comfortable kids sock on the market.

To find out more information on these great socks, head on over here:

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