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I know a couple of kids that refuse to wear socks because of the seams. They find them annoying, uncomfortable and sometimes painful {breaks a Mommy's heart!} And, when you live in a climate that is below zero for the majority of the year, wearing socks is a definite must! So, what's a Mom to do?

Well, one Mom that was faced with this very same problem, was determined to find a solution. She took her wishes & design for the perfect sock, to a textile company. It was not long after taht she was able to start her business, SmartKnitKIDS. Similar to how a Caterpillar spins its cocoon, these socks are started at the toe and go all the way up - being 100% seamless and therefore ultra-comfortable! We all know kids are picky and will find even the tiniest fault and the smallest seam - why not be one step ahead and have them wear one that is completely seam-free?

My girls were sent some socks, so we could see just how much they were different than ones with seams. I assumed that socks made with one long thread would have no shape, and bulk at the ankles. Yet, to my surprise, SmartKnitKIDS are a very fitted sock that does slouch, slide and gather {on my babies or my 5 year old}. This is also nice when wearing winter boots! I also like that they are very soft and thick, and has wicking properties to keep the feet dry. The colors available, are all the basics that one would require for their wardrobe. They also come in 3 styles; ankle, crew and knee-high to suit your own preference and need. The sizes available are from wee-little ones, to an 8 youth.

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