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Do your kids hate seams in their socks? Do YOU hate seams in your socks?

The answer is a resounding YES to both those questions in our household. As a matter of fact, I blogged about it back in August.

So, when I saw something about SmartKnit KIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks on another blog, I was completely excited. In fact, I contacted the company and sent them a link to my blog post.

The people at SmartKnit KIDS were kind enough to send me four free pairs of socks:

Two pairs for Logan, our biggest seam hater

One pair for Jordan, who doesn't leave his socks on long enough to hate seams yet

And one pair of SmartKnit Big Kids socks for yours truly. Yay!

So, we tried them out. Since there are no seams, Logan can even get them on straight all by himself. Bonus!

We wore our socks out on a winter walk through town. I loved the feel of them as soon as I put them on. They weren't just seamless and soft, they were also comfortably snug, so there was no bunching or friction in my shoes. I tried to get Logan to describe how they felt to him, but he is four, so I'll just take the fact that there was no complaining to mean that he likes them! As for Jordan, he was just mad that his shoes were covering them so he couldn't pull them off and chew on them.

Really, I just love these socks. I am so glad to have found an answer to the morning sock battle. I hate seeing my son burst into tears because his sock seams aren't straight, and I love the way they feel on my feet, too. I don't have anything bad to say about the socks whatsoever.

I guess it would be nice if there was a larger color selection, like brown for my Hubby to wear to work, but there are enough colors to go with most things.

I should mention that these socks are great for kids with autism or sensory disorders. Something as little as an irritating sock seam can be such a big deal for these kids. It's great that there's a product to make their lives a little easier.

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