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Ethan my oldest, has always had an aversion to socks because he hates the seams. Until now I had only found one brand of socks that he would tolerate, although they still had a seam. Recently he had the opportunity to try the SmartKnitKIDS seamless socks and let me tell you, they are amazing! They fit snugly on his feet which is his preference and they don’t have any seams to irritate his feet.They also aren’t too thick and don’t bunch up like most socks do. SmartKnitKIDS seamless socks are some of the best kids socks that I have found.
Some of the great features of SmartKnitKIDS socks:

  • Truly Seamless – no annoying seams for those who just hate seams or who have a sensory disorder
  • No Heel Design – allows children to put the socks on for themselves and keeps children from outgrowing their socks so quickly
  • Hugs Little Feet – stretchy core-spun and lycra yarn helps the socks to fit snugly and they don’t wrinkle or bunch up
  • Non-binding – the Halo™ top fits comfortably on the leg without sliding down
  • Keeps feet dry and is antimicrobial for odor control

Ethan is a boy and his feet sweat like a growing boy’s feet do. These socks help keep his feet more dry and his feet don’t get that nasty odor that they normally do. My younger son also likes the SmartKnitKIDS socks because they are easier for him to put on than normal socks with a heel.

SmartKnitKIDS socks also come in a big kids version for adults who hate seams like my son does! The children’s socks come in five colors; white, black, purple, navy and pink. The adult’s socks come in black and white.

SmartKnitKIDS socks are Moody Mama Approved and Recommended!

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