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Socks are a big thing in our house.  I never let Kadin run around barefoot in our apartment for two reasons: 1) the carpet is really dirty, and we’re waiting to get it replaced and 2) it’s too cold this time of year.  That being said, when I had the chance to try SmartKnit KIDS seamless sensitivity socks, I anxiously awaited for a pair to arrive in the mail so I could learn more.  SmartKnit KIDS seamless socks were designed for children experiencing sensory processing differences, or hypersensitivity.  They were also made for kids who just can’t stand socks with seams, in other words… my son.  I’ve tried nearly every type of sock on the market for Kadin and I didn’t realize it, but the socks with seams can be very uncomfortable or they can get twisted around on his little foot. 

Kadin fell asleep with his SmartKnit KIDS socks on. The first pair of socks my little one did not try to pull off... yay!!

When we tried the SmartKnit KIDS seamless socks, we noticed right away how different they look straight from the package.  They’re shaped like tube socks and are made with a really thick and soft polyester/lycra blend material.  Kadin didn’t seem to notice anything different, but I really liked how they fit his feet and and how the band on the top was snug but not too tight.  Kadin wore them all day, and not once did he try to pull them off like he normally does with his other socks.  I especially like that the socks are antimicrobial to help reduce odors.  Believe it or not, even though Kadin is only two, his feet can get really stinky…  The only thing that would make these socks better, in my opinion, is if they had the non-slip pads on the bottom.  Kadin did slip a few times in the kitchen while wearing them, but other than that, I think these socks are worthy of high praise and I would definitely recommend them to other moms. 

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