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My kids, all three of them hate wearing socks. As soon as we come home from somewhere, the shoes and socks come off. This is the way of it since all three of them were born. Even as babies, they would pull off their socks every time I put them on.

So when I received a collection of the SmartKnit Kids Seamless Socks, I was willing to try anything to keep socks on my boys. I never really thought about why they would take them off, but maybe it was because of the seams, well I had to check it out. When I pulled the socks out of the packages I was impressed how smooth and soft they were. I gathered my boys up, to get ready to see Grandma, and put on their new socks. The socks slid on very easily and fit perfectly on their feet.

When we got to Grandma's the boys pulled off their shoes and they did try to pull the socks off, just because of habit, but I brought them out to the kitchen, and they forgot all about the socks on their feet. By the time we left, the socks were still on and I was one happy mom! I love these socks and I them put on my list of things to buy for the future.


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