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Socks that actually fit and are comfortable under shoes! SmartKnitKids carry seamless socks, great for children with sensory problems and everyone else. I hate sock that fall down, hate when the seam in the toe is hurting my feet and anything that helps wick the sweat away is wonderful. My children have been wearing the seamless crew cut socks and they fit them great. My 4 year old has such large feet that we have a hard time finding socks that fit him correctly, just like shoes. These are good, because the fit is perfect, they aren't thin, he has sweaty feet (just like his parents) and it wicks away the moisture and they fit under his shoes without a bit of problem. No readjusting constantly. He actually calls them his good socks because he likes them better than all the others we have. So far they've been really good for my two year old as well, she has such super sensitive skin that I'm very careful as to what I buy for her. These are comfortable and don't irritate her skin. I'd love to have a pair for myself.

What makes SmartKnitKidssocks so unique is that they are seamless, they have no heel so they fit longer and kids can easily get them on themselves. They have a non-binding halo top, at first I thought maybe they would fall down after continued wear but they do stay up. No stink because they wick moisture and this unfortunately is something we need in our family. :) There are five different colors to choose from and the sizing is right on.

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