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If your child is like mine and struggling with a sensory disorder, you know that getting dressed and KEEPING those clothes on your child can be a real struggle.  As I’ve mentioned, my mornings have  become really hectic because Zoe won’t keep her clothes on when it’s a school day.

Socks are a super-big problem for my girl.   She hates them.  And even if the floors are cold, when she’s peeling off her clothes, the socks go.

Except for SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks.  The company sent me a sample of these socks to review. They come in bright boxes with smiling, green bug on them. As soon as I opened the box, Amelia grabbed them right away, opened a box and put them on. She loved them and, although she doesn’t have sensory issues, she has become really bothered by socks that bunch up in the toes. They do a lot of walking at school and socks matter.

Zoe, however, loves them too.  She will strip down to her diaper whenever she is indoors, but these socks stay on.  I’m absolutely astounded!
They are easy to care for, easy to put on, and because they are slim and snug, the dog has  no interest in eating them, lol!

I highly recommend these socks, especially for kids with sensory issues. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.  You can get them at

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