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SmartKnit KIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks developed a patented process which makes socks similar to how a caterpillar makes a cocoon.  This process delivers a truly seamless sock.  The socks are snug enough to hug the foot and keep from bunching in shoes.  The “no heel” design is great for growing feet.  Parents remark how their children with sensory disorders would be perfectly comfortable in these socks when no other would do.  Any child who is sensitive to seams or just cannot find a comfortable sock will benefit from SmartKnit KIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks. 
Being able to try these socks on my four children proved to me that no other sock matches in comfort, quality and longevity.  With four different kids with four different tastes and personalities finding a one product they all like is nearly impossible.  SmartKnit KIDS made the impossible possible as all four of my children loved these socks.  
Here’s the rundown and what my little testers had to say about the socks:        
Olivia is a 12 year-old girl, who hates to have most tags, seams, or rough clothing touch her skin.  She is the true princess in the pea.  Impressing her with comfortable socks was going to be a challenge.  Yet, SmartKnit KIDS came out on top!  Olivia enjoyed the snug but comfortable fit.  She did not complain once that her toes were bothered by the socks or that they fell down in her shoes.  Victory!  I found socks even the princess and the pea loves. 
Aaron served as my 10 year-old boy tester.  Everyone needs the opinion of a 10 year-old boy, right?  Well, I have to say that I was not too happy with his impression.  He promptly told me that I should buy him a pair to wear everyday.  So, I suppose SmartKnit KIDS has a new customer.  He loved the socks so much that we wore them from the moment he put them on to the moment he woke up the next morning and I said, “are you still wearing those socks?”  This mom is thankful for the antimicrobial aspect of this product which reduces smelly feet and moisture. 
Alyssa is our 4 year-old princess.  She never complains much about her socks.  She does, however, spend a great deal of time adjusting her socks.  Alyssa is not fond of seams but has learned to accept it’s a part of life.  That is until she learned there was an alternative.  First, she was thrilled her socks were pink.  Second, she was even more happy with the no heel design.  She just pulled the socks on and she was ready to go.  No more adjusting them or taking her shoes off several times because they were bunchy.   Alyssa deemed these shoes as fit for a princess!  So much so that she ordered me by royal decree to buy her more pairs. 
Kara is the type of 18 month old that never wears socks.  Why?  She is always taking them off her feet.  I do not claim to always know the mind of an 18 month old.  However, she keeps these socks on her feet.  Let’s say that is a good sign.  As her mom, I like the perfect fit.  The socks stay firmly but comfortably in place while I put her shoes on.  The socks are knee highs which stay in place without those seam mark impressions on your legs.  It was also nice to have socks that did not easily come off during naptime or bedtime.  I believe that is a combination of her keeping the socks in place, the socks being comfortable, and the knee high length. 
If you are a mom who has little ones or big ones who complain about sock comfort then visit SmartKnit KIDS and order enough pairs for a month.  You will not be disappointed.  Order some for yourself as will them in all sizes!  I tried my oldest daughter’s socks on and I was very happy with the softness and comfort.  I wear a size 5 shoe, so socks are often too big and loose.   Not SmartKnit, the fit was perfect. 

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