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SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks sent me two free pairs of their seamless socks for Matthew to try out. Their socks are specifically designed for those people, such as many autistics, who don't like to feel the seams in their socks. As you know many autistics have tactile sensitivity issues and can not wear clothing that binds, lumps, pinches or scrapes. That is where SmartKnitKIDS comes in. They have developed a 97.3% Polyester, 2.7% Lycra sock for toddlers, and boys and girls. The socks come in three styles, ankle, crew and knee-high, and five colors including white, pink, purple, navy and black. I decided to try out the white crew socks for Matthew.

Although Matthew does not have tactile issues I was really excited to try out these socks. I hate having socks that bunch on his feet and I'm often afraid that he will not have the presence of mind to tell me that the socks are uncomfortable. Although he is very verbal, I think he may not know that situations could be better, so he just accepts them as they are. With these socks I know that they will not bunch up on him, that they don't have seams that cause discomfort and that their non-binding Halo Top will not pinch his legs.

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