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When Little Miss Diva was born she HATED and I mean HATED wearing socks on her oh so tiny and cute little feet. The second you put them on her she would start rubbing her heels together and off the socks came. It was the same way with shoes too, she hated to put anything on her feet. I never thought we would ever get her to wear socks or shoes. But hey who can blame her I hate wearing socks and shoes most days too, so I guess that is one trait she got from her mommy! Once she finally started wearing socks, it was so hard to find socks that stayed on her feet and that she would not pull at all the time. Well I have found the answer for that pesky little sock problem, and it is called SmartKnit Kids.

SmartKnit Kids is a sock company, designed by a MOM, that makes truly seamless socks for kids! SmartKnit Kids Socks are knit the same way a caterpillar spins its cocoon, they start a the toe and work their way up toward the ankle. This process insures a 100% seamless sock and a form-fitting design to keep all those annoying lumps and bumps out of socks. SmartKnit Kids was launched in 2003 by a mom who was tired of her son refusing to wear socks because they were bugging him. SMartKint Socks are made from Knit-Rite, Inc., the leading designer, marketer, and manufacturer of innovative textiles for medical and consumer markets.

SmartKnit Kids socks come in a variety of colors and sizes, white, black, pink, purple, and navy. They are available in ankle, crew, and knee-high styles and toddler shoes size 1 to a girl/boys shoes size 8.

SmartKnit Kids sent me a few of their socks to try on Little Miss Diva for this review. When I took them out of the box the first thing i noticed was how soft they were. So I put them to the test, Little Miss Diva spent the day wearing her SmartKnit Kids socks yesterday. Not once did she try and pull them off and they stayed in place all day long as she ran around the house playing! I am pretty sure it is safe to say that thanks to SmartKnit Kids I now have a sock that Little Miss Diva will wear all day long! Which is a good thing, because even though it does not get too cold here in Texas we do have a house that stays cold in the winter and we must wear socks around here!

So i have a confession to make. SmartKnit Kids happened to send a size XXL sock in the box they sent me and as Little Miss Diva was running around here in her socks yesterday I started to wonder if the XXL would fit my feet? OK so its only supposed to fit up to a girl/boy size 8 but I was still curious. So I slipped my happy mommy feet into them and OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like my tired worn our mommy feet had been instantly revived, like I had just spent the day at the spas getting the most wonderful pedicure, like I was walking on a cloud, like i was in tired mommy feet heaven. I am telling you moms that when you order your kids these socks you should add an XXL knee-high sock in that order for yourself because OMG THEY ARE AWESOME TO THE FEET!!! And well since my tired worn out mommy feet are like a giants feet sizing in at a 10, your tired worn out mommy feet just might fit them too! I never want to take these socks off my feet!!!!! EVER!!!

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