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Jocelyn, My 9 year old, is ADHD. I have blogged about her before. One of the serious things that we find difficult to handle with her is the fact that she can not tolerate change of any kind and she is OCD about certain things.

One of those things is her clothing. She likes to wear jeans that are so worn in that they are starting to get holes in the knees ( she likes them because they are lived in.... relaxed.... broken in, soft and comfy. ) Underwear and socks are a daily issue for us. Gross as it sounds.... she has only a few pairs of both... so needless to say her laundry gets done almost daily because not having her favorites clean and available to her can mean a melt down of gigantic proportions... for the whole house.

It was with great enthusiasm that we tried the seamless socks from SmartKnitKIDS!!!

These socks are a godsend. Amazing and comfortable... they made my little girl so happy!!

No seams at all... and the fabric is very stretchy and soft. Jojo has worn them every day since we got them!!

Here is a little about the product from their website:
"SmartKnitKIDS® patented seamless socks are perfect for children experiencing sensory processing dierences, hypersensitivity or who simply can’t stand annoying seams! These super soft socks for sensitive little feet will not wrinkle or bunch and are proven to reduce irritation. No Seams to Bug Ya! Completely free of seams, the patented kids' socks are designed to provide comfort and relief to children who struggle with “bumps & lumps” in their socks"

The socks come in several different styles :ankle, crew and knee-high

The socks also come in several colors: white, black, pink, navy and purple

For more on these great socks, please visit SmartKnitKids and try these awesome socks for your kids and even yourself!!

* Hubby has issues with his OCD and sometimes he is uncomfortable in his socks. he tried the adult version of these socks and was pleasantly surprised with the feel and comfort!!

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