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When I first heard about SmartKnitKIDS® Seamless Sensitivity Socks, I knew I had to let Tallen try them. Most of my readers are aware by now that Tallen has Asperger's and so he has a lot of sensitivity issues. Bright lights, loud noises, and ill fitting  clothing, have always been very bothersome to him. I have noticed that, as he ages, these things are slowly but surely getting a little better. Tallen has never enjoyed wearing socks. Even when I succeeded in getting them on his feet, he soon caught me looking the other way and took them right off. The toe seams drove him to distraction. Even turning the socks inside out didn't help, as he could still feel the lump of the seam. Also, he cannot bear wearing things that bunch or get twisted. Therefore he feels more secure in clothing that has a snug fit.

   As I said, I knew I had to get some of these socks for Tallen! So, I contacted the company directly and asked to be sent a few samples for Tallen that he could try, promising to follow up with a review after he had put them through the works. I am happy to report that he loves them! He actually asks to put these socks on, under the guise that his feet are cold. These socks fit him snugly, they do not ride down, bunch, or make his feet sweaty. He has not complained the fist time. As a matter of fact, he loves them so much, I drew designs on the bottoms of one pair with puffy fabric paint, to make them slip-proof, so he can wear them around the house with no shoes. SmartKnitKIDS® Seamless Sensitivity Socks may not do the trick for every child with sensitivity issues, but they have worked for my son. Like most parents that need to find solutions to a problem, I try many different things until I find something that works and then I stick with it. I am absolutely sticking with these!

  Personally, I am touched that a company cares enough to tackle this problem. I have contacted many places before, asking for help to find or maybe even design special socks or shoes that my son could wear. I wasn't rejected, I was completely ignored. I am happy to report that I have been treated with nothing but the utmost respect and caring by Rose, my contact at SmartKnitKIDS®. As some members of my family actually owned a hosiery business at one point and I worked for them as a toe seamstress, I can attest to the fact that producing a sock with no toe seams had to be a huge undertaking and took a lot of thought.

 In case I have missed something, here are some facts from the product packaging:
SmartKnitKIDS® Seamless Sensitivity Socks...
No Seams To Bug Ya!©
Reduces Wrinkling and Bunching in the Toes
Comfortable Non-Binding Top
Keeps Feet Dry and Healthy
Plus, their special "no heel" design keeps children from outgrowing their socks as quickly.

  Please take a few moments to visit their site and see for yourself, all the styles and sizes that they offer, Plus, you can read more information than I could ever manage to include in this short blog post.
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