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Remember my post about Sensory Processing Disorder? Well, I’ve found a product that can help kids that have an aversion to the seams in socks. SmartKnitKIDS makes seamless socks! I really wish I would have known about these back when Jake was younger. As soon as he walks in the door he has to take his shoes and socks off.  I think now it’s more out of habit, but I would love it if he would keep socks on when it’s a little chilly out.

We were sent three pairs of seamless socks for Jake to try out. To be honest, when I took them out of the package I was a little worried that they wouldn’t stay up because there’s no elastic band  at the top, but they stayed put all day!

There’s no seams at all in these socks. Many kids with sensory issues flat out refuse to wear sock because of the seams. These are really worth a try if your child is like that. Even if you don’t have a sensory disorder, how annoying can those seams be when they don’t line up perfectly with your toes?  I know that has happened to me before and I even had to take off my sneaker to adjust my sock.

Another great thing about these socks is that there is no heel. I think this is also great for self-help skills because there’s no wrong way to put these socks on! Jake will be 11 next month and he still has some issues with getting dressed. His other socks have a grey heel and toe, and just the other day when he put his socks on the grey heel was on the top of his foot. I helped him fix it, but with these seamless socks he can put them on by himself and they will always be on right. That’s a self-confidence boost for him and a time saver for me.

These socks aren’t flimsy either. They are really soft and comfortable. You can buy them at these retailers. Plus right now they have a “Sock it to Autism” promo going on during April!  SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks are 15% OFF!

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