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When I taught special education, I had several students with sensitivity issues that benefited from therapeutic treatment with an occupational therapist. We worked on sensory intergration and tried to provide them with ways to overcome their adversion to different textures. I wish I had know about SmartKnitKIDS socks then, I bet they'd have helped us get a lot more learning time in!

SmartKnitKIDS socks are 100% truly seamless; they have “No Seams to Bug Ya!” A truly seam free socks is great for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, or for those who simply cannot stand annoying sock seams. You also don't have to worry about that sometimes annoying tight elastic bands at the top of the sock that can pinch or feel binding. SmartKnitKIDS socks have a non-binding Halo Top™ that fits comfortably without slipping down the leg.

Even though, thankfully, we don't have to worry about sensory issues with ER. I still found several reasons to be a fan of SmartKnitKIDS socks. Besides being completely seamless, they have no heel. Making them perfect for little ones like ER, who are learning how to dress themselves. The socks go on easily and any way she pulls them up, they're on "right". She's so proud of herself when she doesn't need me to check her afterward.

No heel also means that she won't grow out of them as fast. I also liked how they came up high on her leg and stayed put. I know her ankles are being kept warm when she runs and climbs outside on the playground at preschool. Plus these are not flimsy socks, they are quite plush and thick feeling.

They are also form-fitting, meaning no wrinkles or bunches to worry about. Their form-fitting design makes SmartKnitKIDS perfect for infant socks. No matter how much your little one may wiggle, the socks don’t come off. You won't have to worry that one might fall off during the cold winter, that quickly approaching for most of us.

SmartKnitKIDS socks come in several colors: white, black, pink, purple, and navy for infants up to kids. They are currently on sale for $6.26 a pair. A few pairs of these tied up with ribbon would make great stocking stuffers!

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