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I know that some of you will sympathize with my situation. Kids who hate the seams in their socks! My girls can not stand this situation and quite frankly neither can I. Especially during Soccer season. ouch! Nothing more uncomfortable then a pair of socks with the seam rubbing against your toes.

We received an amazing assortment of Smartknit Kids socks that have quickly become the #1 requested sock. I know it’s has been hotter then heck this summer but during horseman ship class or trips the amusement park the twins still needed to wear shoes and not flip flops.

It’s hard enough to get them to wear shoes at all…let alone with socks that itch and bug.

Thank you SmartKnit Kids! Once the IE Twins realized how much more comfortable the socks were the battle was half over.
Smartknit Kids are:

Completely free of seams, our patented product is knit like a cocoon, starting from the toe up, providing comfort and relief to children who struggle with “bumps & lumps” in their socks.


“No heel” design allows children to put on socks with confidence and keeps little feet from outgrowing their socks so quickly.


Stretchy Corespun and Lycra yarns result in a form-fitting design that
“hug” little feet and help eliminate wrinkling and bunching.

Non-binding Halo Top™ fits comfortably without slipping down the leg. Regular socks often have elastic bands at the tops of the sock that can often pinch, bind or be a source of irritation.


High-tech fibers wick moisture away helping ensure a drier and more hygienic sock environment. Antimicrobial benefits help prevent “stinky feet”.
They are excellent for growing boys and girls and come in a wide variety of colors and lengths.  Fall and Winter are right around the corner and with that comes the daily of struggle of putting shoes and socks on little feet. Why not surprise your kids…get them Smartknit Kids socks and show them how smart you are!


Tired of hearing her son scream “these sock seams keep bugging me,” a mom decided something needed to be done.  Every “seamless” sock her son tried had seams in it; there was not a truly seamless sock available.  After explaining the frustrating morning routine to countless friends of her son’s struggles with socks, she was finally given the name of Knit-Rite, a textile manufacturer, and contacted them with her request for a seamless kids sock. 

After several requests for seamless socks from “desperate” parents, SmartKnitKIDS socks were created.  Knit the same way a caterpillar spins its cocoon, SmartKnitKIDS socks are started at the toe and worked up toward the ankle.  This process insures a 100% seamless sock, so there are no seams to bug ya!  A form-fitting design also keeps those annoying lumps and bumps out of the socks.

Since its launch in 2003, SmartKnitKIDS continues to find new markets and grow every year.  Super soft material and a seam free design make it the most comfortable kid’s sock on the market.

SmartKnitKIDS come in a color for every personality: white, black, pink, purple, and navy.  Ankle, crew and knee-high styles are available up to a youth size 8.

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