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Socks have never been my favorite thing. I personally love a thick and snug sock for myself, but the darn baby socks out there are horrible: they don't stay on, they're usually made of below par material, and my daughter's feet stink from being enclosed [regardless of the fact that they're cotton].

SmartKnit KIDS socks were developed because of a little boy's frustration with seams [even in his 'seamless' socks!]- his mother, Joanne McGuff, searched for a solution, and SmartKnit KIDS were born!

Each SmartKnit KIDS sock is knit in the same way a cocoon is spun- they're started at the toe, and finished at the ankles, resulting in a truly seamless sock.

I was impressed by these. I had no idea how they could truly make a sock with no seams, but they have!!

The socks are also the perfect thickness- think a luxurious stretch cotton- and fit snugly on Ladybug's feet. I attempted something that I doubt the company would encourage, but I stuck my foot in one to see how far it'd stretch: I don't have small feet [9.5 womens], but IT FIT!! Ladybug's crew sock fit like a sport sock [below the ankle] on me, but gosh was it comfy. [Whoops- I've been told they do come in adult sizes! Yay! The only difference is that adult socks have a heel.]
Besides the ease of dressing [no seams or heel to stress about], I love their antimicrobial protection. Ladybug has some seriously stinky feet sometimes [regardless of socks or not], but not once were her feet stinky/sweaty after wearing these all day. I'm impressed!

While great for everyone, these socks are especially good for those with more serious day to day issues- children with sensory disorders for example would benefit from wearing these opposed to another with a loose fit and seams. They're great for everyone, and I know all you mamas out there will approve!

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