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I can't ever recall a time when my boys have come up to me requesting that I buy a certain brand or type of clothing until just a few days ago. They're not real particular about what they wear and they're not consumed with having clothing just because of its brand.

I received some SmartKnit KIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks a while back and put them in my boys' dresser. I did not mention to my boys that they received new socks because I wanted to see if they would take notice of it when they put these socks on themselves. While on a camping trip last weekend, my oldest son came up to me and said "Hey mom, can you buy more socks just like these new ones?" I asked him what made him say that and he went on to tell me that they were the most comfortable socks he's ever wore and he wants all his socks to be just like that. As I said, he's never requested certain brands when it comes to clothing, but he was sure that these are the socks that he wants to wear from here on out.

SmartKnit KIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks are designed uniquely from other socks in that they are seamless, have a no heel design, are form-fitting, and help prevent stinky feet. They are available in knee high, crew socks, and ankle socks. The socks come in five different colors.

The only con that I can think of for these socks is that all of the socks are one color and I think it'd be neat if they were available with designs on them.

So, overall, I think these socks are winners! 
  By the way, they also make pantyhose. All these products are good for diabetics who need compression for circulation issues. Maybe that was why my feet didn’t hurt as early in the day? I don’t have diabetes, but I do have crappy circulation. 

A little more information: The kids style socks, are not molded into a shape with a heel. They are more like a tube sock, but without a toe seem. I was worried when I first put them on that the upper edge would be shorter in the back than in the front, but it came out even. Magic, I tell you! (probably has to do with the stretch going where it needs to and other scientific stuff)  
I was also concerned about the top edges of the socks. It isn’t stretchy like the rest of the sock body, but it did fine too. It did roll slightly. Just barely.
 Not anything that affected the sock staying up or in place. In fact, I don’t believe the sock moved unless I made it.
  The adult version was molded. It had a heel and clearly defined area for the foot which is probably why it felt a little too big on my little ol foot. But it wasn’t bad. Don’t take that impression from what I said, please! I could have worn the socks, but figured I’d pass them on to Sherry (my mama) so we could get even more feedback!

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