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I came upon this great website that is dedicated to making sensory-friendly and completely seam free socks for kids Have you seen it? When I found it, I immediately contacted the owner to find out more about these socks. And you know what? I found a great company run by a woman who truly wants to help parents like me. Even better˜she wants to give YOU free socks! Keep reading to find out how you could win -- the rules will be slightly different this time!

Please welcome to my blog Kam Howard! I am really looking forward to learning more about the great socks you are making, but first can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your family? How did you get the idea to make seam-free socks for kids?

About me: I’m a married, working, mom of three. Busy to say the least. I am so passionate about our products because no matter how small or simple they might be, they make a difference. I know first hand because my daughter hated sock seams when she was younger.

Prior to working here I would just suffer through my mornings of putting on and taking off socks 6 times until they were “just right”. We had the meltdowns, the tears. I know now that my situation is nothing compared to some other parents out there.

About Knit-Rite: SmartKnitKIDS is a brand of Knit-Rite, Inc. We have been manufacturing medical textiles for over 85 years. Knit-Rite is a third generation family owned business with Mark Smith as our President and CEO and his partners Ron Hercules and Chris Vering. Mark’s grandfather and father served as President in the past both leading and fulfilling our mission of developing products for a better quality of life.

The Knit-Rite family is an amazing team and we are so humbled by the fact that what we do every day is helping someone out there.Because we have the capabilities to innovate unique products, we often receive requests for hard to find products. A couple of years ago several moms contacted us searching for a truly seamless sock for their children. We began to understand that something as simple as a sock seam was a real issue for a child with sensory issues. Helping these children was a natural fit so we quickly developed a special sock for little feet.

Most of my readers have kids with Sensory Processing Disorder, so they can relate to having to go through tons of different brands of socks in an attempt to find the *right* ones for their kiddo. Can you tell me what makes SmartKnitKIDS socks different from the other socks out there?

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks are unique because they are truly seamless! This is not a flat seam, smooth seam, or a seamless feeling sock like many socks out there. People often put their hand in a SmartKnitKIDS sock and turn it inside out looking for something only to find there really are NO seams. They look amazed and ask, “How do they do that?”

These patented socks are knit the same way a caterpillar spins its cocoon, starting at the toe and working up to the ankle, creating a completely seam-free sock. SmartKnitKIDS socks also do not wrinkle or bunch. We use a form fitting design that “hugs” the foot and keeps the lumps and bumps out of the socks. We use extra soft material in our socks to make them as comfortable as possible and our socks do not have a heel that helps kids confidently and easily slip their socks on.

Your site features some heartwarming (and toe warming!) stories from readers sharing what these socks have done to help their child˜will you share your favorite story with us?

We believe parents are the champions of this product – providing us feedback on how to improve the product, referring friends and family, and sharing these heartwarming stories of how a simple pair of socks has improved their child’s life. We love to hear their stories and we love to share them with other parents. The still remember the first time I read this story and as a mom, my eyes tearing up and getting chills on how sincere it was.

"It's been a about a year since our five-year-old daughter, who has been diagnosed with both a sensory disorder and anxiety disorder, has been able to wear socks without a full blown, tear filled meltdown. I tried other "seamless" socks, but I quickly realized that what is seamless to one child is surely NOT seamless to our little girl. When I read about SmartKnit socks, I ordered one pair to see if they would work. When they arrived and I told our daughter that her new socks without "bumps" were here, she started to cry and say that she hates socks. I showed them to her, she took them, and she hid under the table. She popped out, wearing both a big smile AND the socks! She xclaimed, Wow! These really work! I am going to wear them everyday!!!" With tears in my eyes, I called her dad and her grandparents to tell them the news! We will DEFINITELY be ordering more! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!!!!"

Will you tell us about your holiday giveaway on It looks fabulous!

SmartKnitKIDS is proud to offer our First Annual Holiday Contest. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with prizes – a way for us to give back to all those families and our loyal customers. It is also getting cold outside for most of you and that means keeping your little ones in socks! So we are proud to offer a prize with SmartKnitKIDS socks to make those little feet happy and some other great gifts for your child and even a few things for you!
Thank you Kam for taking the time during this busy holiday season to talk about your socks here on HLW3B. I am really excited to test out your amazing socks and even more excited to give some away to my readers. ‘Tis the season of giving!

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