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Getting dressed is a painful process at our house. You see, Nate really doesn't like being restricted and cannot be bothered with such trite accessories as pants or shirts. After I conquer the beast and win our wrestling match, the first thing he usually tears off is his socks. In the summertime, I wouldn't care so much about running around with bare feet. However, in the winter and with the ceramic tile in our new home, I want to make sure his feet stay comfy and warm. So, when I was contacted to review some seamless children's socks, I thought we may be onto something.

SmartKnitKIDS socks are the brainchild of a frustrated, desperate mom who was looking for a way to end the morning routine struggle with her young son. After sharing her experiences with fellow moms who encountered the same exact problem, she contacted textile manufacturer Knit-Rite for a solution. Together, they developed SmartKnitKIDS seamless socks. These socks are started at the toe and worked upward toward the ankle/calf, similar to the way a caterpillar spins its cocoon. The result is a 100% seamless sock.

The form-fitting design will stay on no matter how much they wiggle and helps avoid bunching and wrinkling that may be uncomfortable to children. The non-binding top won't leave indentations on the skin like elastic and keeps the socks up and in place. The heel-less design allows young ones to easily put their socks on independently and extends the life of the sock, as they can be worn in three lengths as your child grows:

If that's not enough, SmartKnitKIDS socks are made of antimicrobial fibers, which wick away moisture to prevent stinky feet. BONUS!

We were fortunate enough to receive 3 pairs of SmartKnitKIDS socks to review. When I first opened the package, I immediately noticed the distinctive design. You definitely can't mistake these socks for the traditional ones. No more digging around in the sock drawer to find a missing partner! Just look how much more slim-lined they are compared to a regular, run-of-the mill sock:

The SmartKnitKIDS socks are soft but not too soft like some of the velour ones we've had, which feel great to the touch but slide down and fall off constantly. As a matter of fact, I think these socks get softer the more you wash and wear them. They are thick enough to be worn year-round but thin enough to slide into a shoe with little to no maneuvering. There's isn't much more frustrating them pulling and pushing and wiggling a shoe to get it over a bunched-up sock. True to its word, SmartKnitKIDS stayed in place and didn't bulk up around the toes and heel like our other socks. I was also surprised that Nate didn't tug at them all day long. We even put him to bed with these socks and he woke up with both of them still on. That almost never happens!

Nate wears a toddler size 6.5 shoe so we were sent one size small and two size mediums. My son has large, square "Barney Rubble" feet so finding socks that fit for longer than a couple of months is a challenge. I love that these socks can grow right along with him and I won't have to invest in packs upon packs of socks that he'll outgrow so quickly. I preferred the crew fit of the mediums to the ankle fit of the smalls simply because its winter and I want him to be covered as much as possible for warmth. But come spring/summertime, the ankle fit will be wonderful.

I liked that his feet stayed dry and didn't sweat. I also liked that he didn't get wads of loose fuzz in between his toes, as with other sock brands. The only thing I would like to see is grippers or some sort of texture on the bottoms, as Nate slid a few times on our hardwoods and tile. But I realize this may compromise the overall design of the sock and since it is a relatively minor issue, I can't really call it a detriment.

Bottom line: I would highly recommend SmartKnitKIDS seamless socks for any young child, especially if your child has a hypersensitivity or sensory processing disorder that makes seams unbearable. They are durable and practical and while they may be more expensive, they will hold up and last much longer than other brands. What can I say...SmartKnitKIDS rock our socks!

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