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I love my kids feet. They are so cute, and so teeny, and so precious. But I've noticed my son can also get some pretty dry feet since he hates socks. He would much prefer run around with no shoes and socks on. He hates wearing anything but Crocs because the socks bunch up. And, like his momma, he HATES when the socks don't stay pulled tight and the toes bunch up in the shoes. I really never took a second notice to this, but then I was given the opportunity to review Smart Knit Kids Socks. These socks are AWESOME.....

Smart Knit Kids make their socks from the toes up to the ankle, ensuring that they are completely seamless. I think what my son liked most about them was that they didn't bunch up on him all the time. As a matter of fact, he kept them on the whole night, even when his shoes were off. My little ladybug loved them as well, and they look so cute on their feet. They are nice and thick as well, so comfy feeling I wish they had some in my size!


I loved that the socks were form fitting but not tight. They didn't have that elastic band on the ankles that bother them, and leave marks on their tiny (okay, chubby) legs. Plus, my son is learning to get dressed and undressed, and since these do not have heels, he can do it all by himself, every time!

Now a great feature that I am sure my daughter will NOT love me sharing one day. She has sweaty little feet. I am telling you, we really can play the stinky feet game. I was REALLY happy to learn that these cute socks have high-tech fibers that keep moisture away from the little feet, keeping them drier and more hygienic. My little stinker had less stinky feet!

This last benefit is one that hasn't affected me, but does affect many many kids so I think it is one of the most important benefits. They have many testimonials from parents with children that have sensory disorders and autism. These socks are PERFECT for those that get easily agitated by bothersome seams and tight ankles.
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