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I recently had the joy of running across a site called SmartKnit Kids. What turned my eyes the most about this company was the fact that their socks have been getting rave reviews from parents of children who have sensory issues. Savanna is like that with socks and can't stand to feel the seam rubbing at her toes. So I approached them asked if I could review there socks. I was delighted when they said yes!

SmartKnit Kids socks are made like a caterpillar spinning a cocoon. Starting at the toe and working their way up, you get a true seamless sock. The company was started in 2003 and continues to grow today. They have colors for every personality and sock heights for every shoe!

We were sent pairs of the SmartKnit Kids seamless socks for both Savanna and Braden to try out. It was the first time in I could not tell you when, that Savanna did not complain about putting on socks. I definitely have to order more so that I am not stuck in a bind if I don't do a load of clothes! LOL The socks fit her perfectly and the easy way to tell top from bottom is the SmartKnit Kids logo on the socks themselves. I was surprised at how soft the seamless socks were, and yet at the same time they manage to be quite durable. When you can wash the same two pairs repeatedly and they still look like they did when you took them out of the box, that screams DURABLE to me!!! LOL Braden loves sliding across the kitchen floor in his, or just lounging on the couch. I found that the twins could easily fit into the pairs that were sent for Braden, and now they like to see who can get them out of the drawer first to wear them. Yes, my children will fuss over everything, but hey isn't that what they are suppose to do at 4 and 3?

You can purchase SmartKnit Kids for your little one with sensitive feet from several retailers online. There is a list for Canadian purchases, purchases made in the UK, and even in Denmark!!! Just check out THIS LINK and you will be able to find a spot to make your purchase.

For even more incentive to purchase, you know how I love a company that supports our monkies, during the month of April select retailers are giving you 15% off your SmartKnit Kids seamless socks purchase to kick off Autism Awareness Month!

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